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Discover How Biofeedback Can Cure Migraines:

Biofeedback involves using electronic instrumentation to monitor specific, often unconscious physiological activities of a patient's body and then "feeds back" the information to them.  Once a patient becomes aware of his or her body's processes, he or she can change those patterns to manage headache onset and symptoms.  Click here to learn more about how Biofeedback can help you.

Conditions Treated with Biofeedback:

  • Stress Management (Including Pregnancy Stress)
  • Postpartum Depression and Anxiety
  • Migraine Headaches
  • Tension Headaches

Bio is the Greek prefix meaning life, as in the word biological. Feedback is a term for receiving information on current behavior which can be used to influence or modify future behavior. Thus biofeedback is the process in which a patient is given information about specific body events through the use of instrumentation. With this in mind, one can become aware of formally unaware physiology. Once one is aware of their physiology, they can learn to modify it in a positive direction. 

Biofeedback is an effective, painless, non-drug therapy in the treatment of migraines, tension headaches, and stress. It is a method which teaches subjects to control bodily functions, such as heart rate, blood pressure and skin temperature, which were once considered to be beyond voluntary control. Research has shown that by monitoring these functions and feeding back information to the patient with visual and auditory instruments voluntary control can, in fact, be taught.

Through a process which includes conditioning, feedback instrumentation, behavior modification and adaptation mechanisms, the individual can learn self-regulation of these bodily functions. Using these techniques of self-regulation, the patient can actually learn to change specific responses of the body (e.g., releasing stress, lowering of blood pressure and diminishing and even stopping headache pain).

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