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Peak Performance: Golf Peak Performance Training

A Look at Golf

Americans spent $4.7 Billion on golf equipment in 2002 according to the National Golf Foundation. Drivers are bigger; balls go further. Despite these facts, scores are NOT going down. Surprisingly, the average handicap has dropped only .5 since 2000. Pro scores have risen .26 strokes over the past 10 years. Even if you have the right equipment, instruction, and experience, if your mind is not your ally, your game will suffer. Our attitude and mental approach are crucial if we are to be successful in this game or any endeavor we undertake. We know how to buy equipment, to take lessons, to practice, and to play rounds, but how do we train our minds?

What are golfers’ mental processes?

There are many mental tasks associated with good golf; the need to take in the overall layout of the course, the ability to plan the shots to be used, the need to calibrate oneself to each shot, the ability to relate the distance and direction to one’s personal position at the outset, the need to stand before the ball and be still, and prepare for a brief moment of highly precise action. All of these actions must be undertaken in a relaxed, automatic fashion, free of the encumbrances of overt thought. Finally, after each shot, the individual must again relax, process the activity, and prepare for the next.

The golfer must be able to carry out repeated, precise, difficult maneuvers without tiring, or becoming frustrated or angry. The successful and satisfying completion of this complex series of tasks is facilitated by being able to achieve the relevant brain state at the relevant time, and being able to move gracefully and freely from state to state. This is at the core of golf.

At Bend Counseling & Biofeedback we use a multi-faceted approach to improve your golf game. The program consists of participating in Neurofeedback, Mindfulness Cognitive Coaching and Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback.