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Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback

Through the advances of science, we can watch the direct link between our heart rhythms and emotions – on a computer screen no less. We can watch as erratic rhythms stabilize when we utilize the intelligence of heart focus to intentionally experience positive emotions, while maintaining a deep, present moment focus. When people first learn to recognize the emotions they’re experiencing and that they themselves can manage them, they typically feel a sense of empowerment that enhances any peak performance situation: Now, instead of struggling with performance anxieties, individuals can rely on these skills to help them through the rough spots.

Facts at a Glance:

Heart Rhythm Coherence Feedback impact sports performance by:

  • Preparing athletes for activities that require concentration and motor coordination.
  • Maximizing emotional calm, concentration and focus during competitions.
  • Moving athletes into "the zone" for achieving their best.
  • Lowering performance anxiety, transforming feelings stress and worry into productive energy.
  • Improving teamwork and communication with coaches and parents.
  • Giving athletes instant feedback for stabilizing emotions, balancing the autonomic nervous system.
  • Helping athletes develop skills for creating a calm focus.
  • Enabling athletes to shift attitudes fast so sports activities are always satisfying.

† Adapted from HeartMath’s Managing Emotions, Golf’s Next Frontier: Ground-Breaking Techniques for High Performance.