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Mental Rehearsal

An Olympic coach with an outstanding record of wins was asked about the reason for his remarkable coaching record. His answer was, "mental rehearsal."

Mental rehearsal or visualization is the process of mentally practicing your performance. This is usually done to either prepare for an upcoming competition, enhance the learning process, or to "practice" effectively handling difficult performance situations. The following principles and guidelines will help you learn to use your imagination to take your game to the next level.

Essentially, mental rehearsal involves practicing or rehearsing an important upcoming event in the mind's eye. Mental rehearsal is performed before critical games or events, tough rivalries, and must-win situations. Visualization assists athletes by keeping their minds off nerve-racking thoughts and on performance techniques and positive outcomes.

Mental rehearsal methods may be external or internal. In external mental rehearsal, the scene is viewed from the perspective of an observer. In internal mental rehearsal, the athlete projects herself into the scene so that she becomes the “experiencer”, rather than the observer.

Combining the two approaches creates a powerful visualization session, which will add to the athletes' confidence and sense of preparedness. Once athletes become familiar with these techniques, the methods can be incorporated as part of an overall approach to Peak Performance Training.