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Mindfulness Cognitive Coaching

A set of techniques and skills called mindfulness can help to make your game more consistent, skillful, and enjoyable. Mindfulness is a method for training and managing your thoughts and emotions. Mindfulness is a particular way of paying attention that focuses attention on what is happening in the present moment, without judgment. To be mindful is to give all of our attention to whatever is happening now.

Mindfulness Cognitive Coaching can help you to get the most out your lessons and skill level while providing more enjoyment to your game. If you get angry, frustrated, or discouraged while playing, or if you want to refine your attention skills and deepen your understanding and appreciation for the psychology of any sport, Mindfulness Cognitive Coaching is for you. This approach can help you to accomplish the following goals:

* Learning to achieve the emotional balance needed for high performance   
* Develop powerful attention to facilitate your performance and enjoyment
* Become skilled at being calm in the face of the unpredictable and the unwanted
* Develop a sense of ease and confidence in any peak performance situation